Jo Sharp
Jo Sharp.jpg

Director, Facilitator &

Performance Maker.

★★★★★ Mr Blue Sky- Director 2018

Recipient of the Saltire Award for Emerging Directors from Youth theatre Arts Scotland 2017/2018

★★★★ Girls like That - Assistant Director 2017

Recipient of the Avrom Greenbaum Players Award for Direction 2016

★★★★Daughter - Director and Performer - Into the New 2016

Graduate of Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland



Describe yourself - I’d rather not.

Describe yourself - not a fan of this sort of thing. 

Describe yourself - really bad at writing positively about myself. 

Describe yourself - uses coffee and self deprecating humour to navigate a complex internal emotional landscape. 

Describe yourself - I wouldn’t take anything I say too seriously. I’m usually just trying to be funny. 

Describe yourself - I brought snacks.

Describe yourself - I wish I could phone my cats when I leave them alone for a while ... just to see how they’re getting on. 

Describe yourself - I have a “go-to” brownie recipe. 

Describe yourself - sometimes I pretend the figures I can see climbing up Arthur’s seat are actually emperor penguins and their life’s purpose is to reach the summit. I’m very happy for them. 

Describe yourself - under construction.

Describe yourself - slowly but surely refining a craft.

Describe yourself - makes bold choices with aplomb. 

Describe yourself - the first time I got my eyebrows done the beautician said I had a great natural shape! So there!

Describe yourself - am I still an artist if I never show anyone my work ever? 

Describe yourself - I am unwilling to define myself in this moment as to define is to rule out the possibility of change and I’m hoping to be older and wiser by the end of this sentence.  

Describe yourself - I don’t know where I’m going but I’m confident in my ability to figure it out.